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Wyoming Land for Sale . Although Wyoming became the 44th state in the Union on July 10, 1890, it has a number of important firsts under its belt. It is the home of the first national forest, the first national monument and the first national park. Wyoming was the first state where women could legally cast their vote in an election.

A good golf bag should complement your style by supporting you while you play. Carry bags and stand bags are ideal for a golfer walking the course for a relaxing round of golf . If you are less inclined to walk then golf bags for carts , or cart bags, are designed to work seamlessly with this preferred mode of golf course transportation.

Measure 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda for each shoe. Pour the baking soda into the heel of each shoe. Tilt the shoe forward and backward and shake from side to side to evenly distribute the baking soda in the shoe. Wait a few hours, preferably overnight. How do you get bad smell out of shoes? Put baking soda in the offending shoes. Danny Noonan : One coke. [gives Tony a bottle of Coke and 50 cents] Tony D'Annunzio : Hey wait a minute. That's only 50 cents. Danny Noonan : Yeah well Lou raised the price of coke he's been losing at the track. Tony D'Annunzio : Well I ain't paying no 50 cents for no coke. Danny Noonan : Oh then you ain't getting no coke. Project and Part Cars For Sale near Wichita Kansas. Mr. Goodpliers takes us to a small private collection near Wichita Kansas that has 150+ 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s & 1970s cars and trucks available for sale as project or parts cars including: Buick. Cadillac. Chevrolet.

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400 are either strippers, prostitutes, escorts or work in a massage parlor - my apologies to you shoe models and exotic dancers who are lumped in the same category with whores. 300 either do drugs or sell drugs, and while I appreciate the entrepreneurism, shooting a little heroin just doesn't sound all that fun.

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Can you make a shoe smell caddyshack